Custom New Homes

At Dawson Constructions QLD we are dedicated to building a better Gold Coast, one home at a time. That is why we are passionate about building luxury new homes, that are custom made to fit the requirements of each of our clients.

We understand that your home represents one of your biggest financial investments and is also a deeply personal investment. It is your safe place to raise a family, entertain your friends, as well as a place to recharge and relax after a long day. Our team believe that you deserve a home that fully reflects your style and needs, whilst making you feel great about the investment you have decided to make.

Home Renovations

Our team will help you take care of any significant renovation project you could dream of, including garage conversions, bathroom and kitchen renovations, second storey additions and extensions and full-home makeovers.

We will converse with you every step of the way to ensure the project fits your timeline, budget and high standards for quality workmanship.

When the project starts, our team will stay in constant communication to make sure you’re satisfied with our progress and the final results. You can trust our experienced team at Dawson Constructions QLD.

Unit Renovations

We are unit renovation specialists. Gold Coast residents can benefit from our extensive experience spanning more than two decades. We offer a renovation package which is inclusive of drafting, architectural, and structural engineering services. This can be tailored to suit our clients’ needs and wants while providing a quality and cost-effective solution for their unit or property. When undertaking work on unit renovations, we are mindful of any constraints regarding access, minimising disruption to you and your neighbours, body corporate rules where this is relevant, and even the season. Our aim is to completely change a property giving it a brand-new and fresh look and feel, delivered with great quality that will stand the test of time.